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The Great Pattern Collection

Citybus Bressanone – Linea 1 EMT Madrid OBB. IC (InterCity) WWF Panda Express Berlin, Germany. Straßenbahn MetroTramlinie M10, S Nordbahnhof <> S+U Warschauer Straße. (BVG) Berlin, Germany. U-Bahnlinie U1, S+U Warschauer Straße <> U Uhlandstraße. Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). … The Great Pattern Collection is „The ever-growing public transport seats, pattern archive: ‚Designed‘ patterns for textile fabrics, moquette, faux-leather, and vinyl upholstered transport seats.“ muster. mal wieder. schön!und:blau!:) COPYRIGHT ALL IMAGES: THE GREAT PATTERN COLLECTION