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The End

The 10th year of my Blinkblink Blog is coming to an end and I take this as an occasion to bring this blog to it’s end.

I’ve come to the realisation, that I no longer spent time reading blogs myself and I dont want this to be a one-sided game.

But no worries: I will continue start to write articles occasionally on Medium as I find myself consuming pretty many articles on there.

Also I am very enthusiastic about mail – digital and analog. (The savvy surfer will find his or her way.)

Furthermore I will continue to post frequently on my private instagram. (Feel free to ask for permission to follow.)

I thank those who stayed with me on this site for so many years. Friends from near and far. Some are still there, some have disappeared, some have died, but all continue to glow.

The Blinkblink must go on and so it will.

Time is fluid and so are mediums.

Baba & Bussi.



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