Monate: Juli 2013

Riso-Lover: Danni McGrath

…Danni McGrath from Perth, Australia visited me in my studio yesterday to do a quick sketch of my printing studio + a 50 edition print. She’s travelling through europe with her sister and tries to visit as many riso print studios as possible. (See this issue press riso atlas.) In the end there will be a zine with one page from each studio.Thumbs up. I love it.Link: Shiritori Press(The images show her sketch and mini-zines that Danni created – received as a gift :)


…ich war draußen in der natur (vorletztes wochenende).ich war sonntags-fusionistin.ich werde eine ikone malen.  blinkblink wird dieses jahr zum 2. mal bei hello handmade dabeisein. wir: richtig am freuen. der sommer ist sehr schön soweit.