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My name is Anna.
Anna means I in arabic.
It is a simple name.
You can forget it now.

_ Hello I am I. _

I am a designer, a trend researcher, a pattern seer & maker, a strategist, an entrepreneur, a writer, a creator and maker of things, ideas, experiences & spaces. I am working digitally, analog, independently, with my hands, with my head, in new ways, as a digital nomad, as a gardener, as a crafter, as a monk. I believe in the now. Now was yesterday and now will be tomorrow.

But sometimes I can also be a snake and then I like to marble.

Space is the place.

Hello world.

Pleased to see you.

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  1. Carl sagt

    Morning! (Noon in Germany I guess)
    Me you too (Thinking of that is)
    Can’t wait for your next post.
    Bye for now X

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