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Ich mache mich rar und lasse Euch im Glauben. – Eine sehr gewöhnliche menschliche Übung.

„What do you hope to be when you are all grown up, Gemini? An irresistible charmer who is beloved by many and owned by none? A master multi-tasker who’s paid well for the art of never being bored? A versatile virtuoso who is skilled at brokering truces and making matches and tinkering with unique blends? The coming weeks will be a favorable time to entertain fantasies like these — to dream about your future success and happiness. You are likely to generate good fortune for yourself as you brainstorm and play with the pleasurable possibilities. I invite you to be as creative as you dare.“

Thank you Vio for Rob Breszny. :D

Eine Freude hier so Schnipsel liegen zu lassen und ja, zu Glauben.

Musik, unbedingt. A very much liked one:

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