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User-Generated Magazine: DEINBLICK

deinanblick – your authentic life magazine

Ein Einblick:

“Pure! Exciting! Unique!
deinblick is the first international user-generated life magazine. It’s all about your life, your style, your views, and it’s written by you.
The idea is simple: deinblick sets a topic for each upcoming issue and you provide the content. What you get is a high-quality print magazine, loaded with the very best from your contributions.
The topics are going to come from all over the place: ranging from music, sports, fashion, interior decoration to travel, food & drink. These are just some of the topics that we’ll be exploring with you. We’re looking forward to receiving a huge variety of photographs, impressions and ideas on pure life and authentic styles. The more of you that participate, the more fun it’ll be.
deinblick is the platform for your views and to read those of others from all over this planet of ours.
So be part of the deinblick world!
Current issue topic: Pure Energy
Your are a musician, a sports superfan, an ambitious startup as we are, or living a life of extremes? Well, this is what we are up to – tell us your personal energetic story, and give us some breathtaking images, too!”

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  1. Dear jack_prince!

    Thanks for your comment!

    No I am not a part of deinblick! I am just a fan – like you. I have to say I simply copied+pasted their descripition, cause it easily tells what one ought to know about “deinblick”…see the link.

    I also hope that these kind of models can serve (young) people as innovative and creative platforms for new formats… “I like my STyle” is also a good example of cool user-generated print-data!

    SO, I am curious about the first results of “deinblick”!

  2. Superb blog entry but what irritates me a bit is that you switch from third person to first person within the article.

    Not sure if you are a part of deinblick or just a fan as I am … however it’s quite cool that a fan- & supporter base was founded within a short time.

    This hopefully can one day serve as an example how young people are able to create new and innovative projects and ideas with the support of users and friends, but without a venture capitalist.



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